Strategic Educational Partnerships with Dallas and Klein ISDs

Strategic Educational Partnerships with Dallas and Klein ISDsWe are ecstatic to announce a monumental stride in our journey—Xclaymation has officially entered the realm of government collaborations with two significant partnerships in the education sector!

Starting with the Dallas Independent School District, we have been entrusted with the Dallas ISD RFP for Comprehensive Marketing Services and Products. Home to over 150,000 students spread across 230 schools, Dallas ISD is a melting pot of learners, dreamers, and achievers. It’s a privilege to be chosen to contribute to their journey toward excellence. Operating so close to this vibrant educational community enriches our mission, allowing us to directly witness the impact of our creative efforts.

Our engagement with Dallas ISD represents more than just a project; it’s a commitment to support and elevate a community that shapes future leaders right in our backyard. We are gearing up to infuse our marketing and storytelling expertise to amplify their narratives and achievements.

Furthermore, we have also secured our inaugural US Government project with the Klein Independent School District for General Marketing & Advertising. This venture marks a significant milestone as it is our first government project within the United States. Our goal with Klein ISD is to highlight the district’s successes, celebrate its dynamic community, and fuel inspiration among students and educators alike.

We are deeply honored that Klein ISD has chosen Xclaymation to help share their story. This collaboration is not just about crafting compelling campaigns; it’s about creating a lasting impact that resonates with the community and fosters a spirit of inspiration and innovation.

These partnerships are testaments to our commitment to excellence in branding and storytelling. As we embark on these exciting projects, we are eager to bring our unique blend of creativity and strategic marketing to the forefront, ensuring that the stories of Dallas and Klein ISDs are told in truly spectacular fashion.

Here’s to new beginnings and successful partnerships with these esteemed institutions. We look forward to achieving remarkable results together and setting new benchmarks in educational marketing.

A journey beyond imagination.

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