Unlocking Learning
with Gamification

Raven is a cutting-edge gamified learning platform developed by Xclaymation for Wolters Kluwer to enhance employee training engagement and retention. In the beginning of the collaboration, the challenge was to revamp Wolters Kluwer's traditional training methods to increase engagement and retention.

The aim was to develop a gamified learning platform that would not only make learning more enjoyable but also enhance the practical application of knowledge through personalized, visual, and interactive learning journeys.


Xclaymation adopted a multi-faceted strategy to build Raven. This included leveraging immersive storytelling to create compelling content, developing practical skill-building simulations, and structuring personalized learning paths that align with individual and organizational goals. The platform was designed with an easy-to-navigate UI to enhance the user experience further.


The project was executed over 8 months, where the Xclaymation team collaborated closely with Wolters Kluwer to identify key learning objectives and integrate proprietary content into the gamified platform. Role-based learning paths were tailored to different employee roles, and interactive elements like badges and certificates were incorporated to motivate learners and visually track progress. The platform was also made accessible globally with translations into 7 languages to ensure inclusivity.


Increase in engagement


Reduction in learning time


Increase in revenue growth per employee


Increase in retention

Raven significantly enhanced Wolters Kluwer’s training program by increasing learner engagement and retention rates by 40%, reducing learning development time by 30%, and improving productivity by 25%. The platform has also been instrumental in fostering a more supportive and appreciative workplace environment, with learners sharing their achievements on social media, thus enhancing personal recognition and increasing brand awareness for Wolters Kluwer.

Long-term benefits include greater cost savings, higher returns on investment in employee training, and a workforce that is quickly up-to-speed and making fewer mistakes due to better training outcomes.

Raven by Xclaymation has revolutionized how we train and develop our team. The gamified approach not only made learning fun but also significantly more effective, reflecting in our productivity and revenue numbers. It’s transformed our training from a chore to an adventure that our employees are excited to embark on.

— VP of Human Resources, Wolters Kluwer


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