Pithos Energy

Energy's Future, Redefined

Pithos Energy faced the unique challenge of developing a brand identity that both honored its roots in ancient Greek culture and resonated with modern audiences across the globe. Our goal was to create a logo and brand identity that not only stood out in a crowded market but also fostered a sense of trust and innovation among a diverse customer base

Our strategy centered around the symbolic power of the ancient Greek pithos, a storied vessel known for its role in preserving essential goods. We aimed to transform this historical symbol into a modern icon that encapsulates Pithos Energy's commitment to safeguarding and sustaining the world’s most vital resource: Energy.

The approach involved integrating the pithos symbol with dynamic elements that represent energy storage technology, such as battery signs and power icons, and selecting a color palette that conveyed both innovation and reliability


The execution involved collaborative design workshops with customers, historians, and graphic designers to ensure understanding, authenticity, and appeal. We chose a vibrant orange to symbolize creativity and energy, paired with a deep blue representing stability and trust.

The logo’s typography was carefully selected for its modern and bold aesthetics, ensuring high readability and a contemporary feel across various media. The design was streamlined across digital platforms and print materials to maintain consistency and maximize impact.

The launch was supported by a strategic marketing campaign to introduce the new brand identity to the target audience, utilizing both traditional and digital channels

Pithos Energy


Increase in engagement


Faster brand recognition


Increase in customer queries

Pithos Energy
Pithos Energy
The revamped branding for Pithos Energy significantly enhanced the company’s visibility and appeal. The new logo was met with positive reception, leading to a 25% increase in social media engagement and notable improvements in brand recognition and customer trust.

The integration of cultural symbolism with modern design elements not only differentiated Pithos Energy from its competitors but also deeply resonated with both historical enthusiasts and environmentally conscious consumers.

The campaign successfully positioned Pithos Energy as a leader in sustainable energy solutions, driving further investment and consumer interest in the brand
The logo Xclaymation designed perfectly captured the essence of our brand, reflecting our values and vision. Their professionalism and dedication throughout the process were exceptional.

-COO, Pithos Energy


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