Empowering Financial Inclusion Across Borders

Pillar is poised to transform the financial landscape for immigrants in the UK by providing innovative, accessible credit solutions.This investor pitch, crafted by Xclaymation, aimed to secure seed funding and partnerships to further develop and expand Pillar’s unique credit product offerings, which utilize open banking and analytics to assess creditworthiness.

The strategy involves detailing Pillar’s technological advantage, market readiness, and potential for rapid growth to persuade investors of its viability and profitability. The pitch integrates compelling market analysis, testimonials, and case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness and demand for Pillar’s services, enriched by infographics and visual data insights sourced from key news articles.


Xclaymation worked closely with Pillar’s team to create a visually engaging and informative pitch deck that includes dynamic charts, infographics, and a clear narrative that outlines the business model, revenue projections, and the social impact of the service. The pitch also includes live demos of the technology and testimonials from current users to provide tangible proof of concept.


increase in investment engagement


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Increase in funding

Following the pitch, Pillar successfully raised £13 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Global Founders Capital and Backed VC, underscoring the potential of its business model and market readiness. While the pitch itself is a part of broader strategic efforts, this achievement reflects the strong investor confidence in Pillar’s vision and operational approach, potentially influenced by the clarity and effectiveness of their investment proposition as presented.

Xclaymation’s strategic insights and creative execution were instrumental in developing a compelling pitch that resonated deeply with our potential investors. Their ability to translate complex financial technology concepts into clear, impactful narratives has significantly enhanced our fundraising efforts.

-CEO, Pillar


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