Personal branding is the need of the hour. How to build yours?

Gone are the days when branding only referred to companies and big corporations. In this digital era with the dominance of social media, it is integral to learn how to manage your personal. With the spread of networking sites such as LinkedIn, you will always be branding yourself- both actively and passively. Even not posting on your account spreads the message that you do not want to engage with the audience. This makes personal branding highly crucial to your growth. For instance, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy from a business when the CEO of that business uses social media.

Importance of Personal Branding

Trust- Using your personal brand, you build a strong foundation of trust and connectivity with your audience. They start relating to your brand and seeing you for who you are- a thought leader, influencer, or industry leader.

Credibility- Trust follows credibility. As and when you build a sense of trust with your audience, you become a credible source of information. As a result, your brand demonstrates your professional credibility and expertise.

Quality- Your brand showcases your authenticity to your future employers, investors, or employees as genuine in terms of the efforts you take or the morals you withhold.

How to Build Your Personal Brand

Brand Value- Before starting, understand what you want your brand to be about. Start by asking the question- what motivates you? This question can lead to the area of expertise that you can focus on while creating your brand.

Target Audience- It is necessary to decide your target audience based on your profession and your goal. After deciding your niche, you need to focus on creating content that industry experts from the field can find relatable.

Network- Actively connect with professionals and create meaningful bonds. Networking will help you build and expand your personal brand amongst your potential clients as well as industry leaders, thus widening your scope of influence.

Things to remember

After you have established your brand, do not forget that your work doesn’t end after creating your brand; your tasks increase after the creation. So, keep a consistent approach- post your content timely, and stay up to date with the trends.

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