Harmonizing Innovation with Melody

In celebration of their new office in San Francisco, Xclaymation produced an inspiring music video titled "The World Needs You," created in collaboration with renowned industry figures and artists.

This compelling and memorable musical piece not only celebrates the launch of DataVolt's new office but also effectively communicates the impact of technology and innovation on modern society. The challenge was to blend artistic expression with corporate vision in a way that resonates universally.

Our strategy was to leverage the talents of renowned artists and innovators to create a unique piece that integrates the themes of AI and innovation with musical artistry.
Our goal was for the video to become a powerful anthem that encapsulates the spirit of AI, innovation, and data's potential to transform the world. The collaborative workshops with San Francisco's top musicians aimed to produce a campaign that serves as both a beacon for technological advancement and motivates and engages a global audience, present during the launch


The project was executed by first defining the core message and artistic direction in collaboration with DataVolt and the featured artists.
Detailed storyboarding and artistic consultations led to the creation of “The World Needs You,” which was then produced with high production values to ensure visual and auditory excellence.
Some locations in the music video were filmed in iconic locations around San Francisco, capturing the city’s innovative spirit while showcasing DataVolt’s commitment to pioneering future technologies
While the full impact will be measurable post-release, the music video is expected to significantly boost DataVolt’s brand visibility and establish its identity as a leader in technology and innovation. The anthem aims to inspire action and involvement from a global community, positioning DataVolt at the heart of conversations around the future of technology and innovation.

The launch event and video premiere generated widespread media coverage and social media engagement, enhancing DataVolt’s influence in the tech industry.

This collaboration represents a fusion of artistic talent and technological prowess. ‘The World Needs You’ is not just a song but a movement, urging everyone to recognize and harness the power of innovation.

Nava Akkineni,
US CEO, DataVolt


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