Empowering Recognition with Artistry

In a pioneering move to enhance employee recognition, Wolters Kluwer partnered with Xclaymation to create custom graphic novels that celebrate individual achievements and contributions

The challenge was to create an out-of-the-box solution for employee recognition that transcended traditional rewards such as spot awards and cash incentives. Our goal was to make recognition deeply personal and emotionally engaging, forging a stronger sense of connection and appreciation that resonated with employees, co-workers, and the entire workforce. (bonus: their families!)

Our strategy was to replace conventional rewards with a highly personalized offering.
The new narrative should not only highlight employees' impact but also strengthen the emotional bonds within the organization and position Wolters Kluwer as a leader in innovative employee appreciation practices
We brainstormed, researched, and developed what all superheroes have: a graphic novel.
A personalized offering that illustrates each employee’s skills, contributions, and impact


We met nominating managers from Wolters Kluwer to understand skills, achievements, and impact of their superstars.
Our team of storytellers developed personas, empathy maps, and storyboards and crafted a unique story. Our designers turned each hero into an avatar and transformed each story into a compelling graphic novel. Each personalized novels and certificate were shipped to employees, their teams, and their families.
This approach not only acknowledged the employees’ efforts but also involved their loved ones, amplifying the emotional impact of the recognition


Increase in employee engagement


Personalized novels created


Increase in family involvement in company event


Positive employee feedback

Graphic Novel
Graphic Novel

The graphic novels led to a significant uplift in employee engagement and workplace morale. The initiative helped establish deeper emotional connections between employees and the company, leading to a visible cultural transformation. Family involvement in the recognition process further enhanced the overall impact, creating a ripple effect of positivity and appreciation throughout the organization

Working with Xclaymation was a game-changer. Their custom graphic novels redefined how we feel appreciated. It’s more than recognition; it’s a connection to our journey. Involving our families was a brilliant touch, deepening our bond. Our workplace transformed into a hub of appreciation and unity

— Ann Roberson, Vice President, Operations, Wolters Kluwer


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