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Explosive 3D Animation

The challenge was to provide a fresh, engaging approach to product branding that could capture the intricate details and craftsmanship of high-value items such as luxury watches, solitaire rings, and electrical switches.

The goal was to create memorable brand interactions that not only demonstrate the product features vividly but also serve as effective educational tools for internal teams.

Our strategy was centered around using explosive 3D animation techniques to create a visually striking representation of each product. By working closely with brand teams, we ensured that the animations were tailored to reflect the unique essence and premium nature of each item.

This included developing detailed storyboards, designing custom 3D models from 2D images, and incorporating dynamic texturing and lighting effects to enhance realism and visual appeal.


The execution involved a meticulous process of transforming 2D images into detailed 3D models, which were then animated to showcase each component of the products dynamically. We added depth with expert texturing, lighting, and sound design to create an immersive viewing experience.

Each video was carefully crafted to ensure it not only conveyed the product’s quality and design but also maintained alignment with the brand’s identity. This approach was applied across three distinct products, each requiring specific animations to highlight their unique features and craftsmanship.
Explosive 3D Animation
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Increase in social media sharing


Increase in viewer engagement


Increase in brand recall

Explosive 3D Animation
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Explosive 3D Animation
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The 3D animated videos had a profound impact on the brands’ marketing and training efforts. They significantly increased engagement and sharing on social media, leading to broader brand visibility and enhanced market differentiation. Additionally, the detailed and visually engaging nature of the videos made them valuable tools for training sales, support, and other internal teams, improving their understanding of the products and enabling them to communicate more effectively with customers.

The videos not only met the initial branding goals but also contributed to a tangible increase in sales and customer satisfaction by effectively communicating the value and intricacies of the products in a dynamic, easily digestible format.


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