Empowering the Energy Grid

EEPLUS required a robust marketing strategy to highlight its specialized services and to solidify its position as a leader in the dynamic energy market. The challenge was to effectively communicate complex technical services to a diverse audience, including potential investors and industry stakeholders, ensuring clarity and engagement.

Xclaymation developed a multifaceted marketing strategy that utilized both traditional and digital media channels to maximize reach and impact. The strategy focused on creating compelling, informative content that articulated EEPLUS's value proposition clearly.

Special emphasis was placed on the EEHORIZON video, which was designed to visually represent EEPLUS's innovative solutions and expertise in grid modernization and energy analytics.


The execution involved detailed planning and creation of multimedia content that was distributed across various online platforms, including social media and the company’s official website. Strategic posts, targeted advertising, and engaging video content were used to boost visibility and engage with the audience effectively. The EEHORIZON video served as a cornerstone of the campaign, showcasing EEPLUS’s capabilities and innovation through high-quality visuals and expert storytelling.


Increase in social media engagement


Increase in social media impression


Increase in volume of investor inquiries

The comprehensive marketing efforts led to a significant increase in online engagement and brand recognition for EEPLUS. The campaign successfully attracted new investors and increased inquiries, demonstrating the effectiveness of the tailored marketing approach. The EEHORIZON video, in particular, was instrumental in demonstrating EEPLUS’s industry leadership and innovative approach to energy solutions, resulting in enhanced stakeholder interest and business opportunities.

Working with Xclaymation on EEPLUS digital marketing has been an outstanding experience. Our followers, impressions and engagement has stated since Xclaymation took over as our digital marketing partner. We have received M&A enquiries through social media. They exemplify first-class service and skills. 

– Jorge Canamar, Business Development Manager, EEPLUS


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