Creating a brand identity: tips and tricks

Brand identity is the image that comes to your mind once you hear the brand’s name. For instance, McDonald’s brand identity is its clown, simple logo, and big mac. So, whenever you see a small case yellow ‘m’ letter with a red background, you will recognize it as Mcdonald’s. So, brand identity is nothing but a reflection of your brand. You may want to ask how mere reflection can benefit your sales. It is noted that 88 percent of consumers consider authenticity the most critical factor when deciding what brand they support, and brand identity creates this authenticity. Now that we have established the importance of brand identity let us look into some tips for establishing it-

  • Understand your target audience– Your brand identity is directed toward your potential clients and customers, so understanding them will help you create an identity that resonates with your target audience.
  • Establish a unique value proposition– Find what makes you stand out and conduct thorough market research to ensure your value is unique against your competition. Further, study your competition to analyze what tactics worked for them.
  • Carefully select your slogan– Use a catchy slogan that can make your customers relate to you. The importance of a slogan in brand identity can be understood from the tag- ‘Finger likin good,’ which will automatically direct your mind towards the red bucket of KFC.
  • Use more and more social media– Social media plays an enormous role in developing brand identity and connecting with your customers. Companies like Coca-Cola use their Facebook accounts with their iconic red cover photo to harness a sense of familiarity amongst customers.
  • Be consistent– You can only aim to build an identity by confusing your customers with a few colors or different logos now and then. Develop a consistent approach, select a logo that echoes with your brand, restrict yourself to your branding colors, and find a way to use similar designs in all business areas.


Make use of every resource out there but don’t forget to build your brand on the grounds of creative imagination. Finally, avoid giving mixed messages and monitor your performance to make your brand recognizable in the vast ocean of competition.

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