Celebrating Diversity

Wolters Kluwer's Multicultural Diversity Network wanted a launch campaign that celebrated the multicultural diversity of Wolters Kluwer’s global workforce.

This needed to be done within a tight timeframe of 4 days, incorporating self-recorded video clips from employees across five continents, ensuring authenticity and inclusivity. The goal was to make recognition deeply personal and emotionally engaging, forging a stronger sense of connection and appreciation.

Xclaymation’s strategy involved drafting detailed instructions for employees to self-record videos, providing scripts, and coordinating with volunteers across different time zones to address any issues. The production team swiftly edited these clips, integrating them into a cohesive story that reflects the company's multicultural values.


The execution was highly collaborative, involving coordination with Wolters Kluwer’s internal branding team for approvals and concept development. Xclaymation’s team managed to collect, edit, and package the videos within the stipulated four-day period, creating a powerful narrative that was shared globally within the organization. Subtitles in seven languages were added to ensure accessibility and inclusivity.
Celebrating Diversity
Celebrating Diversity
Celebrating Diversity
Celebrating Diversity


Increase in video engagement


Increase in positive employee feedback


Languages incorporated


Day delivery

Celebrating Diversity
The video significantly boosted internal engagement and helped reinforce a positive and inclusive company culture. It not only fostered greater unity among employees but also showcased Wolters Kluwer’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, leading to widespread acclaim within the organization and positive feedback on its innovative approach to celebrating employee diversity.
Working with Xclaymation was transformative. They not only embraced our vision of celebrating diversity but elevated it with their creativity and sensitivity. The final video was a testament to our collective identity and commitment to inclusivity, resonating deeply across our global teams. This project has set a new standard for how we communicate and celebrate our diversity internally.

— Ann Roberson, Vice President, Operations, Wolters Kluwer


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