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For Athena Private Capital, the challenge was crafting an identity that was both memorable and resonant, emphasizing their innovative approach and commitment to transforming the energy sector through strategic investments and guidance. The name "Athena" is shared by more than 180 companies globally.

This necessitated the development of a distinctive verbal and visual identity that not only set them apart but also vividly conveyed their unique value proposition.

Our goal was to clearly illustrate the influential role of Athena Private Capital’s leadership in pioneering the future of energy tech startups.

Our strategy focused on developing a robust branding and digital marketing framework that aligns with Athena Private Capital’s commitment to innovation and mentorship in the energy sector. This included crafting a distinctive logo that reflects modern energy solutions, comprehensive brand guidelines, a responsive website, engaging social media content, and compelling digital campaigns that together enhance visibility and credibility among target audiences


We organized a series of brand workshops to develop brand substance, position, and expression. We met the leadership and understood the purpose, audience and differentiation.

We crafted a unique verbal identity for Athena Private Capital by developing a specific tone of voice and messaging framework that reflected the firm’s pioneering spirit and expertise in energy technology.
The modern and dynamic design scheme reflected the cutting-edge nature of the energy tech industry. The design included a distinctive logo, color palette, and typography that were both memorable and indicative of a leader in technology and innovation.

The messaging focused on Athena Private Capital’s impact in shaping the future through strategic investments and its commitment to sustainable, innovative energy solutions.

A comprehensive content strategy included marketing collaterals that consistently reflected the new brand expression.

A coordinated launch across press releases, social media, and exclusive industry events ensured that Athena Private Capital’s new brand was visible and impactful from the outset.
Athena Private Capital


Increase in impressions


Faster investor response rate


Increase in startup funding applications


Growth in website traffic

Athena Private Capital
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Athena Private Capital
Athena Private Capital
The new branding and digital assets significantly boosted Athena Private Capital’s digital presence. The project resulted in increased social media engagement, heightened brand recognition among energy tech startups, and a surge in applications for funding.

The refined brand image and digital content effectively attracted a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including potential investors, partners, and innovators, solidifying Athena Private Capital’s role as an innovative entrant in the global energy tech landscape
Xclaymation has demonstrated exceptional service and unparalleled expertise. They are our go-to for success-driven solutions.

– COO, Athena Private Capital


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