Powering Presentations with Intelligence

Apollo, developed by Xclaymation, is an AI-powered presentation platform that revolutionizes the way presentations are created by significantly reducing time and effort.

Xcllaymation recognises Businesses globally face significant inefficiencies in creating presentations, with employees spending extensive hours that could be allocated to more critical tasks. The challenge was to revolutionize this process across various industries, making it faster, more engaging, and less resource-intensive.

The strategy involved leveraging advanced AI to streamline the presentation creation process, making it more efficient and impactful. Apollo was designed with an intuitive interface and equipped with AI-powered tools, including Microsoft’s AI Speaker Coach, to offer personalized guidance on presentation delivery.

The platform also featured customizable themes to cater to diverse industry needs, ensuring that each presentation not only saved time but also enhanced communication effectiveness.


Over eight months, Xclaymation developed Apollo by integrating cutting-edge AI capabilities with user-friendly design elements. The platform was equipped with a variety of handcrafted themes and graphics, curated specifically for different business functions like sales, marketing, and operations.

A significant feature was the inclusion of real-time language translation and accessibility options, making Apollo versatile for a global user base. The development process focused on user feedback and analytics to continuously refine the platform, ensuring it met the evolving needs of users across industries.


Reduction in time spent on presentations


Increase in user engagement with the platform


Active users

Apollo has transformed presentation creation into a dynamic and efficient process that significantly reduces time spent while enhancing the quality of communications. This has led to a 50% reduction in time spent on presentations and a 40% increase in engagement, demonstrating widespread adoption and satisfaction.

The platform’s global reach and versatility have made it a standard tool in businesses seeking to improve productivity and communication effectiveness. Long-term, Apollo aims to continue evolving, adding new features and expanding its impact, helping businesses worldwide save time, enhance communication, and boost productivity through smarter, AI-enhanced presentation tools.


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