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Xclaymation has effectively crafted distinct media strategies for sister companies: Hardis Mojave, Uganda, and Adroit Consultants, UAE. Hardis Mojave excels in execution and procurement with a strong emphasis on specialized equipment and industries, while Adroit Consultants offers broad consulting expertise with a focus on international expansion.

The challenge was to carve out cohesive yet distinct brand identities and digital platforms for Hardis Mojave and Adroit Consultants that accurately reflect their individual corporate philosophies and areas of expertise, while also ensuring synergy as the sister companies

Xclaymation leveraged its expertise in media strategy and omnichannel experience to develop unique visual identities, user-friendly websites, engaging social media content, and detailed marketing collaterals tailored to each company's target audience. We used strategic storytelling and visual design to highlight Hardis Mojave's specialized services in execution and procurement and Adroit Consultants' consulting prowess, ensuring both brands communicated their complementary value propositions to their global audience.


Xclaymation orchestrated high-level brand strategy sessions, bringing together key stakeholders from both companies to ensure the branding efforts aligned seamlessly with the corporate vision. This strategic alignment fostered the creation of a unified and impactful brand expression.
The team at Xclaymation expertly designed logos and a suite of digital assets that effectively resonated with each company’s targeted audiences. Moreover, they developed comprehensive marketing collaterals that highlighted the collaborative endeavors of the Uganda project, ensuring a polished and professional presentation of the partnership.
Adroit + Hardis


Growth in social media inquiries


Increase in web traffic post-launch


Increase in client inquiries


Positive feedback during client demo

Adroit + Hardis
Adroit + Hardis

The media strategy significantly enhanced the online presence and brand perception of both Hardis Mojave and Adroit Consultants. It increased their visibility in the market, improved client engagement, and solidified their reputations as leaders in their respective fields. The brochure detailing the partnership for the Uganda project bid not only attracted more clients but also facilitated smoother operations and increased recognition in international markets.

Xclaymation’s dedication to understanding our unique needs and translating them into effective digital and branding solutions was phenomenal. Their strategic approach to differentiating our sister companies while maintaining a cohesive group identity was key to our recent successes.

The brochure for our Uganda project bid has been instrumental in showcasing our combined capabilities and has received excellent feedback from stakeholders and potential clients alike.

President, Adroit Consultants


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