Communicating Processes with Clarity

The team at Wolters Kluwer faced a significant challenge in effectively communicating the complexities and enhancements of their Accelerated Service of Process to diverse internal teams and potential clients. Sales, operations, and technology teams needed a way to clearly understand and convey the substantial improvements made to the SOP process, which involved intricate details about volume management, turnaround times, and the reduction of high-risk factors. The existing methods were cumbersome, leading to information overload without sufficient engagement or retention.

To address this, Xclaymation adopted a narrative-driven approach, leveraging storytelling to make the information not only more digestible but also engaging. The strategy involved deep collaboration with Wolters Kluwer to pull real-life challenges and triumphs from various teams, translating these into a persona-based storyline that would resonate across departments.

The aim was to create a video that not only informed but also emotionally connected with the audience, illustrating the pain points, the solutions implemented, and the benefits derived in a clear and compelling manner.


The execution of this strategy was meticulous. Xclaymation’s team engaged in several brainstorming sessions to script and storyboard the video, ensuring each segment accurately reflected the intended messaging and brand ethos. Professional voiceovers were employed to add depth and clarity, while sophisticated animation techniques brought the story to life.

The team designed the video to succinctly convert over 125 detailed slides into a 3-minute engaging visual narrative that captured the essence of Wolters Kluwer’s enhanced SOP process. Each step, from ideation through to the final edits, was aligned with the branding guidelines of Wolters Kluwer, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
Accelerating Efficiency
Accelerating Efficiency
Accelerating Efficiency
The impact of the video was profound. It successfully raised awareness among senior leadership about the operational challenges and the innovations introduced, enhancing internal support for the new processes. Furthermore, the video became an essential part of onboarding new employees and a strategic asset in sales presentations, facilitating a better understanding and quicker adoption of the new procedures.

As a result, the video not only improved internal communications but also supported Wolters Kluwer in demonstrating their commitment to efficiency and innovation to their clients. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with significant improvements noted in employee engagement and client interactions.
It has not only simplified the understanding of our new service capabilities but also enhanced the way we onboard new team members and engage with potential clients.

– Senior Director of Operations, Wolters Kluwer


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